In order to be effective, the programme needs to be able to communicate effectively with a broad range of stakeholders both within and outside of the government and internationally. The same applies to other programmes developing REDD+ readiness in Cambodia supported by multinational and bilateral development partners, NGOs and others. Effective and efficient REDD+ readiness requires open communication of all information related to the process.  All of thse initiatives are contributing to implementation of the Cambodian REDD+ readiness roadmap.

Therefore, in May 2013, a website of the Cambodia REDD+ National Programme was established and launched. With support from the UN-REDD Programme, the website was designed to incorporate key content and functions to ensure easy access to information on the REDD+ National Programme. It is an essential tool to help communicate progress on REDD+ readiness with stakeholders, inform them of events and upcoming developments, and to gain feedback on specific issues.  The website constitutes an important tool for the Royal Government of Cambodia in its efforts to get ready for REDD+.

The website is one of tools to raise awareness of the REDD+ National Programme. As the programme is prepared and implemented, the website looks to fully share relevant information and documents of line ministries, donors, NGOs partners, networks, and related stakeholder groups. This approach marks the programme out as one of the most highly integrated national REDD+ programmes globally.


Mr. Timothy Boyle, Regional Coordinator to UN-REDD Programme said, “This website provides a one-step site to access all information about REDD+ in Cambodia.  It does not supplant the web-sites of different partners, but rather serves to strengthen information flow for all partners.  Few if any countries have established such a comprehensive national REDD+ web-site.

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